Know Your Business.

Who we are

We are an old-fashioned owner-run software company based in Cape Town, South Africa, and have made exclusive use of word-of-mouth referrals to steadily grow our business since our inception back in 2006 (consider what that means for a second).

Our core customer base is made up of businesses in the manufacturing sector, but our word-of-mouth referrals have landed us clients in other sectors apart from manufacturing, including, but not limited to, financial services, engineering, construction, education, healthcare, research, consulting, media, publishing, wholesale, retail, and even membership organisations.

What we do

In a nutshell: we get the right data to the right people.

More specifically, we provide tailor-made information systems over the internet, granting you and your staff access to your information from anywhere with an internet connection: while in the office, at home, or even abroad.

And unlike off-the-shelf software packages - which contain countless unnecessary features - our tailor-made systems are easy to use and are designed around your specific organisation, so you only get what you actually need.

How we add value

At our core, we hold a fundamental belief that when you invest in us, our mission is to improve your bottom line - by decreasing your operating costs and / or by boosting your revenue.

In the short run, we will streamline your information systems into a centralised database, allowing you to work efficiently with your data in an affordable way and from a single, reliable source.

In the long run, your accumulated data can be analysed through our highly customisable reporting platform, providing you with deep visibility into your operations - past, present, and future - which in turn empowers you to make informed decisions based on fact rather than gut feel.

Our competitive edge

Our clients are everyday people who do not want to get ripped off, and so we have adopted a philosophy that ensures they won't.

Our formula for success is simple: we do not charge up front.

We will collaborate transparently with you - at zero cost to your organisation - to develop a working prototype, and only if you are satisfied that our system adds value, will we initiate billing.

This is our statement of trust, and we have found that it eliminates the client-side risks associated with IT investments, putting our clients' minds at ease and allowing us to focus on building win-win relationships over the long run.

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